Allie Rose Co. x HHC

Allie Rose Co. x HHC

Tell us about yourself!

Hi hi!! I'm Allie and I'm the owner of Allie Rose Co. I'm a 22 year old die hard Office fan, wannabe Tik-Tok star, Mcdonald's Coke addict, t-shirt loving gal who is trying to make art her full time gig!

How did you start Allie Rose Co.?

To be honest, starting Allie Rose Co. was an accident. I was bored after getting sent home from college due to COVID and started making stickers for fun. A TikTok I made unintentionally blew up, aaaaaand the rest really was history! I saved up all of my summer money to take the sticker shop to the next level and add apparel, stationery, etc. to my shop, and now work full time for myself out of my high school bedroom! It has been an absolute DREAM to do what I love every day and make art that makes others happy. Best accident of my life!

We heard you had a pretty incredible summer?

My sister and I wanted to get out of small town Maryland and travel. So we packed up in her (incredibly) small Toyota Corolla and drove from Maryland to California! 

We loved working with you on this collab. How has the experience been for you?

Oh man, making this collection was too much fun! When I was gone for the summer, regardless of the town we were in there were always farmers markets on the weekends that we found ourselves at. There's something about seeing the white tents and people walking around with fresh fruit and flowers that makes me insanely happy. The happiest hour of my week :) I wanted to create something that made you feel that level of happiness when wearing my collection. Alllll the bright and happy colors and cutest little doodles! POV: you're in your baby Happy to Be Here tee, Certified Fresh zip up, and trucker hat holding your Market tote. Does it get any better? To the market we go!!!














Rapidfire Q&A!

  • Currently reading: Bossy Pants by Tina Fey
  • Fav podcast: any crime podcast
  • Fav piece from the collab: Happy to Be Here hoodie
  • Fav way to accessorize these pieces: with all the jewelry
  • Fav cocktail: Tito’s ginger ale
  • Fav bingeable series: THE OFFICE also The D'Amelio Show
  • Guilty pleasure: eating dinner in bed
  • Top listened song on Spotify: More than my Hometown by Morgan Wallen
  • Coffee order: cream + hazelnut (or pumpkin when it’s in)
  • Fav farmers market find: a pretty bouquet of flowers
  • Proudest moment as a small business owner: when I had my first successful launch and realized I was able to do this full time!!