XOMorganHaley X HHC

XOMorganHaley X HHC


Hi friend – I’m Morgan! I’m a girl’s girl who always keeps it real. I’m a lover of life, am all about self-love and confidence, and am passionate about plus size fashion. I truly value friendships and supporting each other and continue to be inspired by the connections and friendships I have made through IG. I could live on iced coffee, sunshine fuels my soul and I am always looking for a good sale.


Over the last year, I think we have learned the importance of connection more than ever. I started this community as a place to share not only fashion but a little of my confidence and self-love journey and to create a community for others who were going through similar journeys. There is something really powerful about having others that are behind you and who support you when you are your most vulnerable and I am so thankful for all of the IG besties that I have made through this community!

After almost a year of being in Nashville and finding more of my personal style, I started really enjoying the “hunt” for plus size pieces I was looking for and trying out new styles. I knew very quickly I wanted to share that with others and help other plus size women find options that they loved too.


It was so fun to work with the HHC team to make this all come to life. When they reached out, it was a no-brainer because of my deep love for a good graphic and of course, happy hour. “Girl, you’re golden” has been a saying I’ve held onto for quite some time and it’s what drove the collection along with my love for the lake. It truly is where I am the happiest. That’s what I want you to feel when wearing these pieces – happy, full of life and carefree! Shop the collection now!